Jonathan Rogers

CFP® | Partner

Lombard, IL 60148

Jonathan Rogers

CFP® | Partner
Forum Financial Co-Managing Partner Jonathan Rogers

Start at the Beginning

Each new relationship begins with lots of questions, and that is OK! Clients ultimately want someone smart, who has spent their life studying personal finance, to weigh in on decisions and look after their investments. I act as a fiduciary at all times, a coach during tough times, and a source of confidence when clients are making major financial decisions.

Being uncertain at the start of this process is normal. By the end, my goal is to help you feel confident about the financial choices you’ve made and that you are well prepared for the future. You may even see more possibilities in your life, because when we manage our money well, it should be a liberating part of our life rather than a source of stress.

I entered the investment industry because my parents invested in a fraudulent real estate deal while I was in college. It galvanized me and made me want to help people avoid the same mistakes in their own financial lives.

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Nothing Stronger Than Family

I have no memory for actors and most pop culture references fly right by me. Instead, I reserve that recall for ideas and information as one of the best analytical problem solvers out there with a heart deeply loyal to family and friends.

That is why I love the personal side of this industry — the interactions and real-world decisions that families make every day. For parents, money is one of their greatest challenges, even if they have plenty of it, because each dollar can only be used once and yet we have many competing priorities. Additionally, I think one of the greatest parenting challenges is: “How do I create a life of abundance for my children, yet raise them to appreciate both the hard work and the importance of money — not for what it can buy, but for what it can help us do?”



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