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Q: What is the one thing about investing many investors do not consider?

A: Luck. Good luck does not make you a better investor and bad luck should not make you so fearful you do not invest appropriately. In 1987, my “life savings” were invested in my Australian employer’s superannuation plan. In October, I experienced my first crash although only through news coverage. While world markets fell dramatically, my account was in cash in transit from our former custodian to a new bank. The funds were reinvested the next week at the bottom of the market that year. While we can hope for good luck, we all need to have a plan.

Q: Do you foresee a cultural shift in retirement living for people over age 60?

A: Twenty years ago, a coach I worked with noted how all homes used to be built with porches and stoops that faced the street, focal points for interaction with neighbors and passers-by and development of community support. Today, many retiree homes are closed to the street. Retirement living needs to be rethought to change the way homes are built for retirees, improving services for people in-home and in assisted-living and other facilities while preserving a stronger sense of community.

Q: When you consider your career journey, what led you to become a financial advisor?

A: At an early age, I never planned on becoming a financial advisor. After 12 years in Big 8/6 public accounting firms, two years owning a restaurant and bar and then 10 years working in a corporate environment, I finally knew what I wanted to be. As a financial advisor, the opportunity to meet, get to know and help so many people and their loved ones can only be defined as life changing. I continue to learn every day and am able to balance work with my own family life.

Q: How have your experiences raising five children shaped how you advise families?

A: I introduce basic planning ideas and tools to enable them to sidestep some avoidable mistakes. Personally, it took me three years from the beginning of my work career to start to save but somehow Anne and I were able to buy a business in our 30s and then buy our first home, things that appear far more daunting today for young people. With my clients as with my own children, I start with the basics and then cover specifics including the importance of understanding monthly cashflow, budgeting for short-term and long-term goals and using tools such as Roth IRAs.

“Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you, but have a drink with them anyways.”


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Where the Trail Leads

One of my most memorable hikes was over a weekend while I was in high school in the Aoraki/Mount Cook region in New Zealand. This photo was when I returned to the same area on a more recent trek with my son Liam a few years ago.

My wife, Anne, and I love to hike a little closer to home — on the many trails in Richmond and farther out in Virginia. The most recent trail we followed was an example of something else that we like to do, and that is walk around a city. We walked nine miles around Manhattan on that trip, revisiting old apartments we had once lived in and discovering the most recent developments.


Robert Methven is deeply committed to helping individuals and families create financial security in their lives. Rob specializes in investment management, insurance, retirement and education planning. After 12 years in public accounting and two years owning a small business, Rob began a 10-year career with Genworth Financial. During this time, Rob held several senior executive roles, including President and CEO of Genworth’s broker/dealer and financial advisory firm.

Rob’s focus with Genworth was helping financial advisors establish and grow their own individual practices. He was particularly concerned with coaching advisors on the challenges of planning for and generating income during retirement. In 2007, Rob joined Forum to work directly with individual clients. Today, Rob serves business owners, corporate executives and clients facing major life events, such as the sale of a business, retirement, health issues or loss of loved ones. Rob graduated from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand with a law degree and a finance and accounting degree. Rob lives in Richmond, Virginia.


Tell Us About Your Financial Life and Aspirations

Your experience begins with an initial meeting to identify your financial vision for the future and risk tolerance levels. We review our investment philosophy and approach with you so that you fully understand each milestone of our process and how our relationship will evolve over time.

Discuss Topics Crucial to Your Financial Success

Over the course of the next few meetings, the content and breadth of each meeting is defined by your personal needs. We can review your estate planning and risk management needs, discuss retirement accumulation or distribution planning, evaluate educational funding needs, review your tax situation, and go over any other items crucial to your financial success.

Develop a Strategic Plan Unique to You

Once you select an allocation, we put together a strategic implementation plan that will coordinate investment of your portfolio between qualified (tax-advantaged) assets and non-qualified assets in order to maximize tax efficiency. The topics we address during our time with you vary depending on your unique needs and situation.

Putting Your Plan Into Action

We establish your Forum account based on the portfolio allocation we discussed and what we learned about your risk tolerance and financial goals. With your new Forum account now in place, you will have the opportunity to access your Forum Client Portal for the first time and connect with members of the Forum Client Service team.

Review Goals and Plans When Your Life Changes

You will receive reporting that will clearly show your performance net of all fees and compared to applicable market indexes. Additionally your assets are held at a reputable third-party custodian that furnishes independent monthly reports so you can feel confident about the safe handling of your money.

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