Chris Genzler

CFP® | Financial Advisor
Forum Financial Advisor Chris Genzler

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

An early interest in investments led me to a lifelong ambition to help people navigate the complexities of the industry. I am deeply committed to assisting people in protecting their needs and assets as they prepare for their older adult lifestyle. It is important to constantly evaluate your financial status and what you want to achieve — be it a new home, college funding or retirement.

“Providing great client experiences has always been, and will continue to be, why we do what we do.”


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About Chris

Christopher Genzler, CFP® joined Forum Financial Management in 2012 as a Financial Advisor. Prior to joining Forum, Chris served in advisory roles for Genworth Financial Investment Services, Citicorp and Terra Securities. With more than 30 years of financial services experience, Chris has developed many personal relationships with his clients to help them to accomplish their financial goals as well as acting as a mentor to new financial advisors just starting their practice.

Chris assists families with long-term care planning, college planning and retirement planning. His objective is to implement solutions that will benefit family members across generations. Chris has focused on the growing need for assistance with eldercare transitions for baby boomers and their parents. Chris also has experience helping business owners protect their assets, sell their businesses and develop a lifetime income stream. He serves as a board member for BodyInsight, a medical career exploration program for students ages 15–20. Chris volunteers with the Alzheimer Association and the Mentoring Program at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Chris is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He earned his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in finance from University of South Florida in Tampa.


Tell Us About Your Financial Life and Aspirations

Your experience begins with an initial meeting to identify your financial vision for the future and risk tolerance levels. We review our investment philosophy and approach with you so that you fully understand each milestone of our process and how our relationship will evolve over time.

Discuss Topics Crucial to Your Financial Success

Over the course of the next few meetings, the content and breadth of each meeting is defined by your personal needs. We can review your estate planning and risk management needs, discuss retirement accumulation or distribution planning, evaluate educational funding needs, review your tax situation, and go over any other items crucial to your financial success.

Develop a Strategic Plan Unique to You

Once you select an allocation, we put together a strategic implementation plan that will coordinate investment of your portfolio between qualified (tax-advantaged) assets and non-qualified assets in order to maximize tax efficiency. The topics we address during our time with you vary depending on your unique needs and situation.

Putting Your Plan Into Action

We establish your Forum account based on the portfolio allocation we discussed and what we learned about your risk tolerance and financial goals. With your new Forum account now in place, you will have the opportunity to access your Forum Client Portal for the first time and connect with members of the Forum Client Service team.

Review Goals and Plans When Your Life Changes

You will receive reporting that will clearly show your performance net of all fees and compared to applicable market indexes. Additionally your assets are held at a reputable third-party custodian that furnishes independent monthly reports so you can feel confident about the safe handling of your money.

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